About Our Offerings

BAMM.tv is a multifaceted design and media company that specializes in creating engaging, broadcast-quality content for our clients. In addition to video services, our design experts provide customized web design, motion graphics and mobile app development services. BAMM.tv's in-house editorial team also provides clients with messaging, copy writing and social media management in order to maximize the impact of their marketing campaigns. Finally, BAMM.tv provides an end-to-end technological solution for content management, metadata, hosting, and tracking the performance of your online media campaigns.

Creative Services

Corporate Events

Coverage for your corporate event or conferences, including CES, SXSW, and SFMusicTech. In addition to panel coverage, interviews and streaming options, we can put together a sizzle reel that serves as promotional material for future events.

Live Broadcasting

Reach your remote audience with a livestream broadcast. Hosted stream, multiple HD camera angles, broadcast-quality audio.

Creative Consultation

BAMM.tv has provided creative consultation to industry leaders, including GooglePlay, Jawbone, Audyssey, and NoisePop. As a collection of filmmakers, writers, animators, and audio engineers, we utilize our expertise in many mediums to get your message to those who need to hear it.

Music Videos

An end-to-end music video solution from a team that has shot over 150 artists and bands over the past 6 years. From concept to color correction, logistics to lighting, we will make your video stand out.

Commercial Video

Does your company need to make a memorable impression with an “who we are” video, product demo, or sizzle reel? BAMM.tv specializes in storytelling that sticks with your consumers.

Graphic Design, Motion Graphics and Illustration

Make your videos, website, apps, and proposals exceptional with professional, stylized graphic design and/or motion graphics.

Music Recording

The right gear, software, and an abundance of experience. Our audio engineers are experienced in both live and studio recording environments, and we pride ourselves on capturing high quality audio in non-traditional settings.

App Development

App logistics are the source of many a migraine. BAMM.tv and its network of developers can take your app idea and turn it into a functioning tool that works on all platforms and mobile devices.


Event coverage, team member profiles, office photos. Photography is still the most viewed and shared medium on social media and a great way to reinforce your brand image. We make you and your company look cool and professional.

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